Main Street Merchants of Historic Medford Village

Main Street, Medford New Jersey 08055 a registered 501.3.c

Master List of Vendors & Spaces

itinerary with or without numbered spaces. (do not share numbered spaces with public)

Shuttle Information.

7 Stages for Dickens:

  1. (Father Christmas Stage: Village Car Care 11N Main St lot: 12×16  IN the actual parking lot, the one set of bleachers you guys bring out will face this stage. Only stage not in the street.  (Space #87 but we don’t spray paint his driveway!)
  2. Fezziwigs Stage 15S Main St (between Girlfriends & The Community Center) 12×16’  (in the parking spot) (Space #131)
  3. 8×4: DJ Kris Kringle 35N Main St (in the parking spot) (Space # 57)
  4. 8×4: Papa Elf Stage 42S Main St (in front of Scafidi Cranston) (Space #160)
  5. 8×4: Tiny Tim A: 22N Main St (in front of J.S. Braddock) (Space #76)
  6. 8×4: Tiny Tim B: 44N Main St  (Space #38)
  7. 8×4: Tiny Tim C: 54S Main St (Space #170)

Port-o-Potties: (ordered from United Site Services) will be zip tied shut we need to unlock day of)
2 regular & 1 handicap at each location:

  1. opposite entrance to The Feed Mill, on west side of streets sidewalk
  2. Cedar Street at Main St, on Cedar sidewalk.
  3. Off to the side behind the gazebo (NOT VISIBLE FROM THE GAZEBO! This is where Santa sits, and everyone takes pics, we do not want port-a-pots in the backdrop!)
  4. Main & Union Streets on West side of the street, Union St sidewalk)
  5. Friends Ave sidewalk near Main
  6. Allen Ave Sidewalk, opposite Tomlinson Park.

Itinerary: if you zoom in there are numbers marked, this is not for sharing! Just for help! Sharable itinerary here:


Thank you for being part of our event! This event is run by Main Street Business owners!
Abbie Galie – Lower Forge Brewery / Destination Medford / Original Abbie Studios
Lesha & Eric Moore – ELM Gallery Lesha Studios
Susan Drummond – The Center, Life in Balance
Angela Cocivera – Girlfriends on Main
Dallas Taylor – Pinecone Trading
Craig Coccaro – Game on Arcade
Jody Thorpe- Mystical Blossom

Alex Breux – Wonder World Toys