Main Street Merchants of Historic Medford Village

Main Street, Medford New Jersey 08055 a registered 501.3.c

Need a little help? Below is a cheat sheet with all the clues, and their answers written upside down in red below. We do not want you to have to double up back & forth, the path we’ve set makes a relatively singular loop!

*If you happen to be getting tired, or you have small people with you who can’t complete the hunt, don’t fret – things happen & we understand that! You can skip directly to the end to pickup your prize from Lower Forge Brewery, just show your hunt sheet!

Stop 1.  If The leprechaun wanted to buy beautiful Herkimer Diamonds with his Pot of Gold; he would go to this peaceful gift store.  (Girlfriends on Main)

Stop #2.  This next stop loves what the center circle of the Celtic cross represents, the sun, to help grow their ingredients for all their natural products for mind, body and soul. (Mystical Blossoms, Displayed in Zen Den)

Stop #3.   The oldest St. Patrick’s Day Parade took place in NYC in 1762.  If you look hard enough at this next stop’s merchandise, maybe you can find something from that time in one of their many rooms.  (Antiques 9 South Main, Displayed in Mystical Blossoms.

Stop #4.    The highest number of leaves ever recorded on a clover stem is 56 which is close to the number of super cool vendors that make up this next stop’s co-op of shops!  (The Shoppes at Medford Mill, Displayed in Antiques 9 South Main)

Stop #5.  The official game of Ireland is Hurling but I would much rather play games like Donkey Kong at this next stop.  (Game On Arcade, Displayed in The Shoppes at Medford Mill.)

Stop #6.   The official flower of Ireland is a Shamrock.  At this next stop you can find plenty of plants of all species!  (Ted’s Terrain, Displayed in Game On Arcade)

Stop #7.   St. Patrick was trying to drive the snakes out of Ireland. Your next stop loves 4 legged friends of Medford!  (Pride Paws, Displayed in Ted’s Terrain)

Stop #8.  The children of Ireland receive fun toy treats for participating in St. Patrick Festivities. This stop would be a great place to purchase these toys! (Wonder World Toys, Displayed in Pride Paws

Stop #9.  Over 13,000,000 Pints of Beer are consumed on St Patrick’s Day!  Your last stop is a great place to be part of that number.  Just “forge” through the crowds on Main Street to get there! (Lower Forge Brewery, Displayed in Wonderworld Toys)

Stop #10.  Lucky You!  You will now receive a box of chocolates from Medford’s oldest Chocolate store, Reily’s!  (Lower Forge Brewery)