Main Street Merchants of Historic Medford Village

Main Street, Medford New Jersey 08055 a registered 501.3.c

Need a little help? Below is a cheat sheet with all the clues, and their answers written upside down in red below. We do not want you to have to double up back & forth, the path we’ve set makes a relatively singular loop!

*If you happen to be getting tired, or you have small people with you who can’t complete the hunt, don’t fret – things happen & we understand that! You can skip directly to the end to pickup your prize from Lower Forge Brewery, just show your hunt sheet!

Stop #1: “Do you have a good luck charm? Are you full of wonder & joy? Your hunt starts off where you go to buy toys! (Wonder World Toys)

Stop #2: If it’s treasure you seek, whether old or new, your first stop is just up south up the street a store or two. (Village Treasures, displayed in Wonder World)

Stop #3: For your next stop you’ll need to cross the street. Then walk past the tavern but keep your balance & Center, to a place where intuitive hearts may enter. (The Center, Life in Balance, displayed in Village Treasures)

Stop #4: The luck of the Irish is blossoming in you, we know this to be true,a magical boutique is where you’ll find your next clue. (Mystical Blossoms, displayed in The Center, Life in Balance)

Stop #5: Are you ready to keep finding more clues? At your next stop you’d find a cute outfit to match your shoes. For ladies & friends, the fashion never ends! (Girlfriends on Main, displayed in Mystical Blossoms)

Stop #6: Don’t stop now, you are doing so fine! Your next clue has to do with a vintage, retro NINE 9 9 9! (Antiques at 9, displayed in Girlfriends on Main)

Stop #7: Us leprechauns are tricky, don’t be stopped by our gaze, at your next stop you can find somewhere to graze! (Grazing Affair, displayed in Antiques at 9)

Stop #8: Hello Princes & Princesses, and your Majesty too! . Your doing so well, everyone knows- your next stop is where you’ll find baby clothes! (Little Majesty, displayed in Grazing Affair)

Stop #9: On st Patricks Day you may eat corned beef & cabbage for a meal. Your next stop has a much colder feel! Cookie Dough or Chocolate Chip Mint? Is this itty bitty, peewee clue a good enough hint? (PeeWee’s Ice Cream, displayed in Little Majesty)

Stop #10: The prize is almost yours to claim, The next stop is where you can play a game. Are you a pinball wizard? A Pac Man clown? Take a walk back towards the center of town! (Game on Arcade, displayed in Pee Wee’s)

Stop #11: Don’t have a cow, culture & Art is thriving, your next stop is where creavity is thriving! (Medford Art Center, displayed in Game on)

Stop #12: You’ve made it so far, it’s almost time to cheer! Your last clue brings you to a place where there’s beer! While you’re there if you’re looking for something to do, you could try sitting down for a soda or brew! (Lower Forge Brewery, displayed at Medford Arts Center)